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5 Foods to Give Your Energy Levels a Boost

If you find yourself struggling to stay alert during the day or needing to prop your eyelids open with toothpicks, it may be time to take a long hard look at what’s fueling your body. The food you consume can have a direct impact on your energy levels, so it’s important to put the right fuel in to ensure you have plenty to burn throughout the day.


If you regularly find yourself a victim of the mid-day slump, we’ve gathered plenty of healthy options that you can keep on hand to keep your fuel levels high and your body energized throughout the day.



Eggs are a fantastic protein source capable of satisfying hunger and keeping energy levels high for hours.
You’ll find 6 grams of protein in a single egg in addition to important amino acids like leucine that help break down fats into useable energy sources.


Steel Cut Oats

Hearty and filling, steel cut oats are minimally processed which means they
contain more fiber and protein than their rolled counterparts.


Though they take a little longer to cook than rolled oats, you can eat them just as you would regular oatmeal (a splash of maple syrup and plenty of fresh fruit is our personal favorite way to eat them)…but their extra-hearty texture coupled with the extra fiber and protein have a minimal impact on blood sugar and keep energy levels high until your next meal.



This fatty, nutrient-dense fish should be considered a super food. A small 3oz serving packs a whopping 17 grams of protein.


Salmon also contains plenty of important vitamins like vitamin B12 and vitamin D, both of which boost energy levels and fight fatigue naturally.


Ricotta Toast

Let the millennial and Gen Z brunch fanatics have all the avocado toast—we’re here for ricotta toast, anyway.


Our bodies love when we fuel them with a careful blend of protein, fat, and
whole grains, and ricotta toast does exactly that. If you can find whole milk
ricotta, it’s worth the added calories and satisfying creaminess to buy it over
lower fat options. Slather it on whole grain toast and top with savory or sweet additions—berries and a drizzle of honey are just as tasty as salt, pepper and olive oil. The protein/whole grain mix will keep your blood sugar stable and your energy levels high for hours.



Though coffee is often the beverage of choice for providing a boost of energy, try swapping out your midday java for a cup of matcha.


Although the amount of caffeine in matcha is slightly less than that found in coffee, there are many other benefits that make matcha a solid choice. Matcha contains an amino acid called L-theanine that combines with caffeine and can help reduce feelings of tiredness and increase alertness.


Don’t let low energy get you down. Take a look at your current diet and try incorporating more healthy fats and whole grains while reducing the amount of processed foods and sugary snacks. With a few modifications, the food you use to fuel your body will be high quality and capable of keeping your engine running smoothly.




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