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Brookethorne Naturals Massage Oils

Natural Massage & Self Care Products for Massage Therapy & Everyday Use! 

 At Brookethorne Naturals we are firm believers that better ingredients result in better recovery, relaxation & overall wellbeing. That is why we pride ourselves on providing you with natural, premium quality massage and wellness products.

Our proprietary product blends are carefully crafted to provide the perfect viscosity for massage. Leaving your skin feeling moisturized, never sticky or greasy.
We have found that our products have the unique abilities to enhance well-being, relaxation & relationships by bringing people closer together. Our spa quality products are loved by both massage professionals and at-home novices.

Whether you are seeking relief from life's pesky aches, relaxation from daily stressors, or passionate encounters in the bedroom, Brookethorne Naturals has a product for you. 


About the Founders & The Birth of Brookethorne Naturals

Brookethorne Naturals was founded in 2016 after the birth of our daughter. After suffering for many years from back aches & pains, John (co-founder) began seeking out natural remedies & alternative treatments to help him feel better. With young children, it was necessary that John be feeling his absolute best to keep up with them. Shortly into this journey he discovered massage & all the bodily benefits it provided. He began to see a massage therapist several times a week. After each visit, he would feel refreshed, but something was missing.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the cosmetic & skincare manufacturing field, co-founders John & Meghan knew what was missing. High-quality massage products that harnessed the therapeutic & healing powers of nature. Thus, Brookethorne Naturals was born. We use our products in our daily lives. We genuinely believe in them & know that you will too!

John & Meghan Thorne