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Affordable at-home therapy treatment to soothe muscle pain

Whether you’re recovering from intense training sessions, trying to bounce back from a muscular injury, or just feeling the impact of an aging body on your muscles, we all experience aches and pains. While it might not always be unbearable, it can be uncomfortable and make your day-to-day activity difficult.

There are several at-home remedies that you can use to relieve tension and soothe your muscles (and they aren’t always expensive). 

See the new craze in at-home muscle treatment that costs under $35.

The Benefits of Cryotherapy

You might be thinking - “Surely huge cryotherapy machines are really expensive?” Well, yes. But, cryotherapy is not just limited to big expensive machinery. In its most basic form, an ice pack could really be considered cryotherapy. 


Cryotherapy is essentially the cooling of muscles and tissue to help relieve pain. It can be whole-body cryotherapy, but localized treatment is just as popular (and it’s much more affordable).

Icing or cooling a problem muscle or swollen area will constrict blood vessels and reduce the amount of blood traveling to that area. This can significantly reduce pain and swelling as your body heals itself. These pain-relieving qualities make it a popular therapy for athletes and those living with muscle pain.

At-Home Cryotherapy

There are several options for at-home, affordable cryotherapy. 

Ice packs are an obvious choice. If you are experiencing mild discomfort then the cold might be enough to relieve some of your pain. When using any kind of ice to treat muscles, be sure to wrap the ice pack so as not to damage your skin from direct contact. Similarly, if you are using cryotherapy equipment that frosts over, your skin should not be making direct contact with the frost. Ideally, you shouldn’t be using an icepack on a muscle for longer than 20 minutes to see the best results.


For different options, you can choose things like freezable massage balls. These are perfect options for targeted cryotherapy and can combine some other trusted muscle pain relief strategies.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

For anyone with a history of muscle pain or intense training routines massage therapy may already be an important part of your recovery regimen. 

Massage therapy is not only one of the most widely used muscle therapy treatments, but it is also one of the most accessible. With easy at-home remedies like foam rollers and massage balls, it’s no surprise that it’s often one of people's go-to pain relief strategies.


Massages, whether for relaxation or sports recovery, will help muscle tissue to relax. The relief of this muscle tightness and tension can help encourage healing and the stimulation of the muscle can override feelings of pain in the area.

How you Can Combine Cryotherapy and Massage For The Ultimate Muscle Pain Relief

Combining these different therapies can be an absolute game-changer. Typically for minor muscle injuries or aches, we follow guidelines to rest and elevate those muscles. However, to help alleviate pain we recommend RIME (Rest, Ice, Massage & Elevate.) This 4-step recovery process can provide a quicker and less painful recovery from aching, inflammation or minor swelling.

How to Use A Cryotherapy Massage Ball

In the same way as a normal massage ball would be used, you can use our Cryoglide Massage Ball for full-body muscle relief and relaxation. It’s suitable for shoulders, legs and even shin splints and the compact transportable design is really simple to use.

This muscle pain reliever is not like your typical massage ball. The roller is filled with a non-toxic cooling gel that when frozen for around 2 hours, will stay cold for 6+ hours! This allows you to apply RIME to your aching muscles and relieve pain and aid recovery.


Pro tip: Roll the frozen Cryoglide ball upwards in a circular ‘J-shaped” motion for around 10-20 minutes. For best results, you can repeat this a couple of times each day to aid muscular recovery.

The Cryoglide ball is easily taken apart for cleaning and specialized uses, as well as, being transportable so you can always bring your a-game no matter the location.

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