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Everything You Need To Know About Sweet Almond Oil

About Sweet Almond Oil

Almonds offer many health benefits. They contain vitamins and minerals as well as the fats and fibers that we use them for in our diets. This includes vitamin E among a few other ingredients that benefit our skin and health.

Almonds originally came from the middle east, but California is the surprising new home for this popular food, producing more almonds than anywhere else in the world.

Sweet almond oil is extracted when almonds are carefully pressed. A surprisingly large amount of the almonds content is this oil that has many other health and nutrition benefits.

The Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil

This extracted oil can have a number of benefits and can be found as a key

ingredient in many skin, hair, and massage products.

Sweet Almond Oil Benefits For Skin

Sweet almond oil is popular for treating excessively dry skin because of its moisturizing qualities, but it offers many other benefits. It has been noted to improve complexion and help achieve a more even skin tone. It can even help with healing sun damage, fading prominent or minor scars and has even been suggested for reducing the signs of aging.

Its absorbing and retention qualities make it perfect in combination with other oils and creams to leave your face and body feeling soft and well moisturized. The effect of retaining moisture in your skin shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to a healthy complexion.

Sweet almond oil doesn’t just make skin feel soft, it has antibacterial qualities that mean it can be useful in treating acne.

Hair Treatments

As well as vitamin E, sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin B-7. This helps to strengthen keratin found in hair and nails. Oils will leave your hair feeling silky and soft and sweet almond oil even contains natural SPF for some sun protection.

On top of these benefits, sweet almond oil can be great for scalp health. Its antibacterial and antifungal qualities mean it fights off dandruff by combatting its root cause.

For hair, sweet almond oil can also work in the same way as other hair treatment oils, reducing frizz and helping to calm flyaway hairs.


With all of the benefits to our skin and hair, it’s no real surprise that sweet almond oil is commonly used for massage. It is a key ingredient in many oils and creams and will offer hydration to the skin as well as acting as a catalyst for a relaxing massage experience.


Specific versions of almond oil can be used in food and are proven to have a positive impact on heart health. Almond oil increases good cholesterol levels and helps fight bad cholesterol. It’s also suggested that the antioxidants found in almonds can have a positive impact on people suffering from cardiovascular disease by treating inflammation.

Medicinal Benefits

Naturally sourced oils and medicines have been used for many centuries in alternative medicines. Almond oil is not an exception.

For a long while, almond oil has been used for treating minor cuts and scrapes. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect for not only this but also for treating bacterial issues like eczema, ringworm and even athlete's foot.

Our Favorite Sweet Almond Oil Products

A number of our most popular massage oils contain sweet almond oil. The properties of the ingredient are excellent for our relaxation massage oils commonly used by professionals.

At-home oils for self-massage are available to take advantage of this long list of benefits. We recommend the Relax Therapeutic Oil and the Relief Arnica Oil to try at home.

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