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Improve Your Relationship Through Massage

When it comes to self-care, getting a massage is one of the best things to do to soothe the body and mind, but you don’t need to seek a professional for a massage. In fact, a couples massage session can do wonders for your relationship whilst also offering all of those traditional benefits.

How Do Massages Improve Your Relationship

Massages promote intimate contact and quality time spent together. Oils and

creams can create a sensual experience but much of the connection from this activity comes from understanding what your partner likes and the associations that come from muscle relief and relaxation.

Skin-to-skin contact can be comforting and relaxing for both parties and is an excellent tool to help develop trust and familiarity. Massage can be an extremely intimate activity for a couple and help form a deeper connection.

There is a real emotional release that comes from a good massage that relieves your physical stresses and pains. A partner being able to provide this physical relief can help to release hormones and provide a heightened emotional connection. It’s also nice for the partner giving the massage to be able to physically help their partner.

With the right setting, a massage can appeal to all of your senses and offer a unique experience with a partner rooted in relaxation and the sensation of touch. It’s an experience that can benefit both new and long-term relationships and can be adapted to be as casual as you would like for an enjoyable experience.

How to give your partner a good massage

Create a calming space 

When you’re creating a calming space for the massage, consider your senses.

Relaxing music, candles or oil burners, and low lighting might be a good place to start. You want the focus to be on touch and calming those other senses can help bring out heightened sensations in the desired places.

Ensure that the space is peaceful and comfortable so that you and your partner can experience a relaxing and intimate experience and really get the most from the massage.

Use suitable products

There is a lot to be said for choosing the right oils and creams for a couples massage. You could use anything, but you’ll see significant benefits to the experience from choosing proper massage oils and products. The ingredients are designed to trigger certain natural responses and the scents and moisturizing qualities can heighten the experience for both of you.

Get the technique right

There is a big difference between a sensual massage and a sports massage. Whilst you should be firm in your technique, you need to get the balance right to keep it relaxing and enjoyable.

Begin by rubbing small circles in an area and slowly expand the area. With a partner, you can discuss whether the pressure is enough or too much and adapt as you go. A couples massage should be a relaxing but fun experience and it’s quite natural to openly discuss particularly tense areas that need a bit more focus.

Our Top Products For Couples Massage

With the setting and technique sorted, you just need to get your hands on those massage products to create that unforgettable experience for you both.

Passion Sensual Massage Oil - This tropical scented oil is perfect for those intimate moments. It makes massages friction-free and leaves skin feeling amazing. Transform your bedroom into a tropical paradise.


Happy Heart Warming Massager - This massage accessory really brings the heat. Reusable and reaching temperatures of 129F, this small addition brings a whole new sensation to your massages.


Lemon Crème Sensual Massage Oil - If fresh scents work for you then this lemon crème oil might be the perfect choice. The consistency is excellent for a couples massage and it leaves skin glowing.

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