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Using Massage to Strengthen Your Relationship

Strengthening Your Relationship Through Massage

Many people receive a massage to relax and relieve stress. What if I told you that a massage could also be a way to strengthen your relationship? A new study found that couples massages had a positive effect on the couples’ wellbeing, stress, and coping for weeks after the massages.


Power of Touch

Another way that massages can strengthen a relationship is through the power of touch. A 2016 survey done by the Kinsey Institute stated the following: 87% of men and women in committed relationships rated touch as very important  to building intimacy. However, 34% of those surveyed said they were not touched enough by their partner.


Needing a Boost?

If you feel like your relationship could use a little boost, try a couples massage. On top of being relaxing it can also strengthen your relationship. We recommend one of our sensual massage oils for couple’s massages. Try out our Passion Tropical, Desire, or our new Passion Lemon Crème massage oils.

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