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Valentine's Day on a Budget - 5 Thoughtful yet Affordable Date Ideas

Looking for a thoughtful way to show your valentine how special they are? But feeling held back by your budget? Don't worry, we have got you covered!

Sometimes, simple yet thoughtful gestures are much more memorable & far more heart felt than fancy dinners & lavish gifts.

1. Get Outside & Enjoy Nature

Go for a walk on the beach, a nature hike or a picnic in the park.

2. Wine & Dine

Cook a special dinner of all their favorite things (or cook dinner together) & have a glass of wine or two. Pull out a table cloth, light some candles & add a vase of fresh cut flowers to make it a little extra special.

3. Netflix & Chill

Watch a romantic movie in bed while enjoying a glass of champagne. Make some homemade chocolate covered strawberries to go with your champagne & get ready for a relaxing yet romantic night in.

4. Personal Care & Pampering

Draw a hot bath with some scented bath salts, rose petals & candles for a relaxing. To make the evening complete, end with a sensual massage & don't forget the massage oil!

5. Breakfast in Bed or Brunch on the Patio

Who says Valentine's Dates have to be at night. Why not start your V-day off right with some heart shaped pancakes, fresh fruit & mimosas! 

Happy V-day! I hope your day is extra special & filled with love!

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