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What is Arnica? A Guide to Arnica Remedies and Benefits

What is Arnica?

Arnica is a natural resource from the Arnica Montana flower which is grown mostly in North America – it also offers some excellent medicinal qualities! 

The active chemicals present in Arnica can reduce swelling and offer antibiotic

traits, which is why Arnica has been used in alternative medicine for over 400 years! Typically Arnica is used in oils and creams as when taken by mouth in large amounts it can be poisonous (although it is still sometimes used in food, beverages and some controlled alternative medical treatments.)

Arnica is commonly used to help relieve post-surgery pain and swelling and also bruising or muscular soreness. Also known as nature’s anti-inflammatory, Arnica is an essential for those with regular muscle soreness or joint ache who are looking for natural treatments for pain.

What Are The Benefits of Arnica?

Arnica offers a heap of medical and homeopathy benefits and frequently appears in alternative medicines and massage. 

One of the more common uses of the herb is for the treatment of osteoarthritis as it helps with joint pain and swelling. Those suffering from extreme joint issues will often use Arnica creams or muscle oils and massage the Arnica into the painful areas to see relief. Using creams or oils rather than oral treatments also offers direct treatment and massage of the painful area that can see additional benefits.

As well as relieving joint pain, Arnica is an excellent way to reduce post-op bruising and swelling. Results do vary based on dosages and products, but typically those regularly using Arnica in their treatment plan will see the impact of the treatment on bruising.

Our Favorite Arnica Products

Arnica, in its oral form, is not quite as useful as when it's used in creams and oils. Many find that serums and roll-on treatments help them to better apply pain relief to the target area. 

Here are some of our favorite Arnica Products:

Arnica Massage Oil:

If you regularly struggle with joint or muscle pain, then you’ve likely already looked into massage products and how they can help you alleviate some discomfort. 

Arnica Massage Oil is one of our top-selling products for a very good reason. Not only is it easy to use for pain relief but it will leave skin feeling soft and rejuvenated, with no greasy or sticky leftovers.

Our Arnica Massage Oil is popular with sportspeople and athletes who are feeling muscle fatigue and aching joints from exercise.

Relief Arnica Cream

Relief Arnica Cream is an all-natural treatment for muscle aches, joint problems, soreness, and bruises. 

This concentrated Arnica cream can bring much-needed relief and relaxation and is ideal for daily use. 

To promote healing and wellness, our Arnica cream has been combined with nature's greatest extracts and essential oils to not only relieve pain but leave skin feeling great.

Arnica Muscle Oil

Arnica Muscle Oil has a roll-on design that makes it easy to apply without sacrificing essential healing qualities. With menthol, camphor, cypress & helichrysum essential oils, this muscle oil is designed for superior muscle relief.

This Arnica muscle roll-on is a must for any athlete or active person who is always on the go. It is compact and can easily fit in a bag or pocket for pain and muscle relief wherever you are.

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