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Why Jumping on the Facial Massage Trend is Actually a Great Idea

You’ve likely heard discussions about facial massage and seen the endless number of ads touting a variety of facial massage tools. Perhaps all the hubbub has left you wondering if this trendy massage technique is legit…or just the latest flash-in-the-pan trend that is here today and gone tomorrow.


You’ll be happy to know that facial massage is, in the words of MC Hammer “too legit to quit”, so we’ve created what we like to think of as our Facial Massage 101 course. Here we’ll explain the science behind facial massage, share a few of its many benefits, and give you a bit of a crash course in technique so you can begin incorporating this beneficial practice into your own wellness program.



What is Facial Massage?

Quite simply, facial massage consists of applying similar massage techniques used in body massage to the areas of the face and neck. While science has long accepted the health benefits of body massage, there has been some hesitation in the eastern world in accepting what has long been a part of western healthcare.


In truth, many ancient civilizations around the world embraced the art of facial massage, including cultures in Mexico, China, France, and Sweden.


Facial massage incorporates a variety of techniques—including massaging, kneading, tapping, and pinching—to manipulate and massage the skin of the face and neck.


Benefits of Facial Massage

  • Can help with lymphatic drainagemassage that targets the lymph nodes can help drain away toxins and improve the circulation of lymph, fluid that normally drains from cells and tissue.
  • Improves the overall appearance of skin
  • Can relieve sinus pressure
  • Improves blood flow in the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of healing scars on the face and neck

Can I Give Myself a Facial Massage?

The short answer is … absolutely! All that’s required is a high-quality oil and knowing a few techniques to use.


Oil is an essential part of any facial massage as it lubricates the skin, allowing your hands to glide over the surface of your face. Marula oil is an excellent choice for facial massage because it works with all skin types, including oily, dry, combination, and sensitive skin.



Once you have your oil ready, follow these 6 tips to give yourself a heavenly facial massage:
  1. Apply a small amount of marula oil (or oil of your choice) between your palms and rub together.
  2. Begin by gently massaging the skin of the temples in a circular motion using your index and middle fingers.
  3. Use your fingertips to gently massage the face, beginning at the jawline and moving upward toward your forehead.
  4. Use your index and middle fingers to massage the browbone, just about the brows. Begin in the spot between your brows and move outward toward the temples. Repeat underneath the eyes, using gentle pressure on the delicate undereye tissue.
  5. Press your fingers into the center of your brow. Using gentle pressure, sweep the fingers up to your hairline then out toward the temples.
  6. Repeat as needed. You may enjoy facial massage any time you feel yourself holding tension in your face.
And there you have it…everything you need to know about facial massage. We hope you’ll give this technique a try…and don’t be surprised if you become addicted. It’s a great way to restore that healthy glow your skin while releasing pent-up tension at the same time. That’s a win/win in our book!










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