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Microwavable Aromatherapy Wrap

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Soothing, Natural Relief for Life’s Aches & Pains

Don’t let a stiff neck, sore shoulder or cramps get you down. Brookethorne Naturals Microwavable Heating Pads are filled with natural clay beads to provide a soothing moist heat. Best heating pad wrap for effective relief from headaches, cramping, stiff neck, back pain & more!

Not feeling your best can be stressful!

Our microwave heat pad is infused with lavender for a relaxing aromatherapy experience! Let our microwavable heat pack relieve your aches & pains while the soothing lavender aroma helps to calm both mind & body.

Removable cover for easy cleaning & comfort!

The soft plushy cover can be removed from your heated neck wrap for easy cleaning. The inner portion of the microwavable heating pad is made from a durable cotton linen material with reinforced seams making the neck and shoulder heating pad extra sturdy & allowing for maximum heat retention -microwave neck wrap stays warm for up to 20 minutes.

Effective & Convenient Design!

Our unique microwave heating pad design has been sewn into 10 even sections for even heat distribution. Ideal flexibility, our heating pad for neck and shoulders can be wrapped around any body part with ease. Weighing roughly 2.5 lbs, the wrap is the perfect weight to provide a weighted feeling without putting pressure on sensitive areas like your neck or shoulder. The dimensions of the wrap are 26in x 5in, perfect to partially wrap or fully wrap all parts of the body.


Use Hot or Cold!

The microwavable heat pad  can be heated in the microwave to provide a deep moist heat or put in the freezer & used as a cold compress. When heated, the neck heating pad will help knotted muscles, stiff joints, tightness in neck, shoulder, back, arms, legs, ankle & knee.




Heating Directions:

1. Begin with room temperature wrap.

2. Place wrap in moist towel or paper towel & center it on a clean microwave turntable (not touching microwave sides). Make sure any additional microwave settings are tuned off (such as "browning").

3. Microwave for time indicated on the chart below.

4. Check to make sure temperature is suitable prior to application.

5. If more heat is needed, reheat for additional time indicated below. Before reheating check all parts of the wrap to make sure the temperature on any one area isn't much hotter than the rest (this may occur around the edges), knead the wrap to even the temperature, rotate the wrap by 180 degrees & reheat in microwave.

 Microwave Rating

Heating Time From Room Temperature

Reheating Time if More Heat Needed
800 Watts 1 Minute 25 Seconds
1000 Watts 40 Seconds 15 Seconds


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