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Cryoglide Cold Massage Ball

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Stay active & doing the things you love!

Don’t let a lengthy recovery process slow you down. The Cryoglide massage roller ball combines cryotherapy (cold therapy) & massage to give you a quicker recovery from muscle aches, decrease inflammation & swelling.

Women using Cryoglide massage ball on shoulder.


Full body relief, perfect for hamstring, back, neck & shoulder pain & as a physical therapy aid. Helps tennis/golf elbow, shin splits & fatigued muscles. Maintain your A-Game with our Cryoglide freezer roller ball!

Effective and convenient design, the Cryoglide Massage Ball is easily taken apart for cleaning & specialized uses. The best manual massage tools for deep tissue, trigger point & myofascial release. Perfect foot massage ball & plantar fasciitis massager.



Perfectly portable, our Cryoglide Massage Ball Roller includes a high quality zippered case with wrist strap for easy use while traveling & protection while not in use. Take your Cryoglide cryotherapy ball to the gym for muscle relief & pre/post workout recovery.

The benefits of ice massage without the mess of ice cups. Stays cold for up to 6 hours! Our Cryoglide ice massage roller is made using thicker stainless steel & is filled with non toxic cooling gel so it stays colder, longer.



The Cryoglide massage ball can be used for: shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tight IT bands, quads, hamstrings, glutes, neck, back & facial areas to aid in all types of muscle recovery.

To Use for Cold Massage

- Place the Cryoglide massage ball in the freezer 2-3 hours before use (2 Hours in the freezer = up to 6 hours cold).

- After removing Cryoglide massager from the freezer, wipe any frost off of the ball before allowing it to make direct contact with the skin.

- Massage by gently rolling the Cryoglide on the target area for 10-20 minutes, maintaining continuous movement. Roll slowly upwards in a circular "J" shaped motion.

- For best results, use 2-3 times daily on the target area as part of the 4 stage recovery process: Rest, Ice, Massage & Elevate.

To Use for Warm Massage

- To use as a warm compress, disassemble the Cryoglide & soak the stainless steel ball in warm (not boiling) water. Use caution when removing the ball from the water. Re-assemble the massager & enjoy!

Use with your favorite Brookethorne Naturals massage oil for a complete massage experience!